is available for hire for stage and event performances, and can match suspensions to your show or theme. We have performed high energy suspensions to rile up a crowd, as well as intricate statically rigged artistic suspensions, and matched costume and body paint to meet the overall theme of existing events.

All performance suspensions are covered under our own insurance and planned ahead of time to ensure maximum safety, while providing a stunning impact to the audience.

If you would like to hire the group to perform at your event, please fill out the (performance form) and let us know as much as possible about the event. We are particularly interested in the venue, as we’ll have specific needs for overhead rigging.

Our performance fee starts at $500, but is entirely dependent on the needs of the show (number and complexity of the suspensions, number of performances) including travel, food, and lodging for the event whenever necessary. Please let us know as many details about your event as possible, and we’ll work out a fair price with your event organizer.