If you do not wish to (or are unable) to attend a Suspension Sunday, a more private setting for your suspension is possible. We typically will do these suspensions in locations that suit the type of suspension you want – either at our home base (The Nines) or at a private residence.  During the warmer months we facilitate outdoor suspensions if desired. We charge a fee of $200 for a private suspension of your choice. Please note that your place is not confirmed until you have paid. You may choose to pay your fee after filing out the form below. If you do not have the funds right now, you may pay them via PayPal at a later time, but no later than two weeks in advance.

To register, please fill out the private suspension form (linked below). You will receive a personal email with planning information as soon as we process registrations (this is not done every day). Please provide a date range for when you want to suspend, and give us a bit of time to confirm crew and venue availability. If you have registered to suspend and for some reason have to cancel, please (contact us) at least 4 days in advance. If you are a no-show, 50% of your suspension fee will be deducted and the rest will be put towards your next suspension (within one year).  We do not refund you the money.